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Jolie Montre
Arm Candy with a Sweet Surprise : High Style with a Moderate Price Tag
Jolie Montre, French for "pretty watch" offers a vast collection of über-stylish watches for today's spending-conscious and fashion-minded consumer. Their colorful timepieces can be characterized as arm candy with a sweet surprise! And for a fraction of the price of other high style accessories.

Following it's "watch for every occasion" philosophy, Jolie Montre's collection hits all the fashion "must-haves" from alligator, snakeskin and lizard textures to metallics, crystals and tweed bands. The introductory collection features over 30 different styles in a range of colors, materials and fashion points-of-view, from dainty bejeweled numbers to bold, mod-inspired styles, and novelty creations to high-fashion statement designs.

Among the most popular is the Hang TimeTM collection, creative and colorful watches that bring fashion and function together. They hang on purses, belts, beach bags, with the watch on one side and a fun fashion statement on the other-such as a kiss, little black dress, flip-flops, hearts or more. Loop, clip or hang them from your purse, belt, beach bag, diaper bag, tote, golf bag, gym bag... anywhere!

Jolie Montre responds to the needs of today's "real woman" 18-60 years old, including those who are plus size. Many of the watches have removable links and adjustable strap extenders to accommodate all customers-from petite to plus-size.

Based in New York, this dynamic company is headed by father/daughter team Mark and Dawn Levine, who've pooled their respective talents together to design fashionable, quality watches. Mark brings 30 years of expertise in importing gemstones and jewelry manufacturing while daughter Dawn has managed national marketing and sales teams before bringing her business savvy back home.

"When we started in 2004, there was clearly a void in the market." Dawn explains "And after 5 years we still find that there are plenty of inexpensive, fashion watches out there, but they lack the high-quality material and movement produced by Seiko and Citizen watches and many of the designs are just not exciting or responsive to today's woman."

Mark and Dawn play an intimate role in the design process. "We don't just put our name on our products," says Dawn. "We work with stylists and forecasters to be make sure we're ahead of the curve."

Jolie Montre's unique custom design division has served many well-known businesses and non profit organizations to help share their message. Custom work can be as simple as adding a business logo to one of our watches or replicating original art pieces to create sophisticated timepieces as we do for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and St Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Jolie Montre can customize our Hang TimeTM shapes to reflect an organization's logo, theme or character also.

The two are not only ahead of the curve in their product development but also in their vision for business. Mark explains "For us, being in business is as much about doing good for others as it is about doing well ourselves."

Both Mark and Dawn feel strongly about supporting important causes. Their product Faith is a soft pink and honors the fight against breast cancer. The Levines donate a percentage of every watch sold to breast cancer research and awareness. Likewise, they created Support, a Hang TimeTM watch to make a clear statement of support for America's troops, and a portion of the profits goes to organizations helping soldiers and their families. In similar fashion, another example of watches specially designed for these charitable times, their Red Dress Hang Time watch is raising awareness on behalf of women and heart disease using the symbol of the American Heart Association.

"We believe that it's not enough for each one of us to strive for personal success but that we should all also be committed to helping others also," explains Dawn.

If you want an elegant watch, customized for your wrist, and is enduring, then you will want Jolie Montre, a company that will keep you in sync with the times.

Stepping Out
Jolie Montre · 385 Main St. South · Suite 404, PMB108 · Southbury, CT 06488 · tel 212.719.3130 · fax 203.774.1088